The Need to Measure

Why do we need to measure the results of a ministry? While it is very true that you cannot measure a man’s soul, there are many other things you can measure.

The nature of non-profits is such that their survival is in no way correlated with them being good and effective at serving the need they were created to meet. Their survival depends solely on their ability to raise the funds required to meet their overhead costs. As a non-profit, how do you ensure the works you are doing have the desired impact?

While the outcomes of your good works might be hard to measure (or a long lead time required to be able to measure them) there are indicators of long term outcomes measurable in short term outputs.
These outputs for a church might be measured in attendance or measured by children’s test scores in a mentoring ministry. It is certainly possible that you might have to get creative in finding a useful metric for measuring success.

How much wasted effort has gone into non-profits who claim grand plans, never measure success, claim success and continue to do the same thing the next year. These are non-profits that are failing and never know it.

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