About Us
About Us

The Gottlieb Foundation of Texas is a private, 501(c)(3) corporation established in 2007 to facilitate the execution of the Great Commission. The Foundation is looking for ministries with a combination of work ethic and grand idea in the concept or early stages with which we can aid in funding and strategic support in order to achieve maximum impact for the Kingdom. We will work with these ministries until they become stable and high-performing, and then assist them in finding long-term funding. Treating these donations as investments will ensure that the Lord gets the biggest bang for his buck. The goal of the Gottlieb Foundation of Texas is to help establish and support effective and fruitful ministries for the glory of Jesus Christ.


The Gottlieb Foundation of Texas provides funding and other strategic planning and material support to high-energy, growth-oriented Christian ministries worldwide in order to facilitate the execution of the Great Commission.

Who are we?

The Gottlieb Foundation of Texas was founded by businessmen who understand the principles that cause industries to flourish and grow, which can be applied to ministries with similar effect. This type of thinking in ministry is not incompatible with your goals, yet is rarely utilized.

We do not desire to run your ministry or to take over what you have done. While we fully realize that we are in a support role with any investment we make, we believe the capital, business guidance, and contacts we can provide will be valuable in helping to build and sustain your ministry.

Range of Services

What the Gottlieb Foundation of Texas can provide to your ministry:

  • Growth capital
  • Capital raises
  • Assistance in developing an operational plan for growth
  • Aid in determining potential partnership opportunities with other ministries to decrease duplicated effort
  • Metrics to measure success, as well as determining strengths and vulnerabilities in your ministry
  • Assistance in marketing the ministry to its target audience including assistance in establishing an appropriate web and media presence
  • Guidance in targeting alternative sources of long term funding once the growth stage is complete